What Makes Nonprofits Special in Our Community

Nonprofit Appreciation Week Feb 14-20, 2022 is a new recognition of Ontario’s nonprofit sector and its nearly 850,000 workers contributing $65 billion to economy.  It is based on legislation to recognize nonprofit workers and organizations by the Government of Ontario under Bill 9, Nonprofit Sector Appreciation Week in 2021.  

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 This week we will celebrate the vital role nonprofits and workers play in creating and maintaining healthy, vibrant and inclusive communities in Ontario.

Community Living Fort Frances and District is a nonprofit charitable organization

transitioning from a grass roots family movement, to becoming incorporated in April 1965. The mission is “To ensure that all people live in a state of dignity, sharing and participating in all elements of living in the community”.

As a nonprofit we enrich the lives of individuals with an intellectual disability with a sense of purpose and encourage inclusion in our community.  We strengthen the connection of people by providing opportunities for people to learn and grow in all aspects of their personal life. We seek to reverse the stereotype about people who have an intellectual disability and improve the future through greater awareness.

People are supported to be employed, be involved in community activities and contributing members of the community.  Good Impressions Printing provides employment and the employment grounds crew may have cut your grass or removed snow at your home.  You might not recognize when our staff are supporting people in community events. That is a positive aspect of providing

supports, to be seen as enjoying and participating in all the community has to offer, just like everyone else. That is what excellence is in supporting people is all about.

Since the pandemic began our staff have provided supports, innovative connections, virtual experiences for mental health, physical fitness, creative art projects, wellness connections and ensured that individuals supported are able to maintain their health and a healthy environment.  Our staff are committed to “making a difference every day, this is demonstrated daily in their resilience in challenging times.

 Our staff are your neighbours, your friends, your family and your community leaders. Over the next week, we are excited to be able to provide you with the opportunity to listen to interviews with staff and their stories aired on the local radio station.

Community Living Fort Frances and District creates jobs and brings economic value to our community.  We are able to address problems and be responsive to needs by developing creative partnerships to support our work. Our organization has a hundred and seventeen employees who work to make our mission a reality and contribute financially to the well-being of the local economy.

Creating effective programs, supports and services of the highest quality and making a difference in the lives of people supported results in the community realizing the benefits from that work.

When people are empowered to contribute to their community, to have opportunities, the community grows and there is greater awareness of the possibilities of connections that lead us to expand what it means to be an inclusive community. The Community Art Program involves many community members of all ages to enjoy arts and crafts.  Participation in this community activity continues to grow.

Community Living Fort Frances and District is focused on our community.

As the needs of the individuals supported change, we address those needs by pursuing innovative approaches to meet those challenges. Providing services or programs to underserved or disadvantaged populations demonstrates our caring and deep interest to make our community a better place to live.

If you would like to “make a difference everyday” support someone to achieve their goals, then we would like to discuss opportunities with you. Please contact us at [email protected]

This is what makes our nonprofit, Community Living Fort Frances and District special in our community.

Alanna J. Barr
CEO, Community Living Fort Frances and District

Published by Chris DuCharme

Community Living Fort Frances and District IT Technical Support Person

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