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We have put together some of the most asked questions. If you don’t see your question listed below or you would like us to provide additional information, please contact us directly.

A non-profit charitable organization that provides a wide range of supports and services to adults living with a developmental disability. Beginning in 1959 ad becoming incorporated in 1965 to provide supports and services to individuals living with an intellectual disability.
Administration offices are located at 340 Scott Street Fort Frances, ON Fort Frances is located in the Rainy River District, Northwestern Ontario Phone contact 807-274-5556 x 210 at our administration office.
Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) determines access to supports and services through assessments conducted by DSO. Once eligibility is determined including the supports and services needed, the individual is placed on a waiting list for access. For most supports and services there is no immediate access and often there is long wait times for services for adults, especially for residential options. Services are delivered to those “most in need” and services must fit with the needs and interest of the individual.
Adults requiring developmental services including support for community participation, employment, respite, supported independent living, case management and planning supports must contact Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). THE DSO is responsible for determining eligibility for adult developmental services by completing an application form and for assessing the level of need through administering the Support Intensity Scale (SIS).

To begin this process and be placed on appropriates lists for services, individuals/families need to start by contact the DSO. The contact information for the local DSO in Thunder Bay is 1-855-376-6673. The website is

A wide range of supports and services under Supported Independent Living, Intensive Support Residences, Respite, Employment including Job Prep, Community Participation, Group Living and Clinical supports including Psychotherapy. The agency is an ODSP provider for employment options. A resource centre site provides community supports and serves as a drop- in site for individuals wishing to connect with the organization.
Community Living Fort Frances and District partners with adults to realize their dreams and goals and personal values to contributing and participating members of our community. This is achieved through education, collaboration and creativity to enhance a meaningful quality of life for people receiving supports and services.
Community Living Fort Frances and District advocated to develop supports and services that will enable people with an intellectual disability to live a meaningful life in the community.
Community Living Fort Frances and District has a Chief Executive Officer who reports to a volunteer Board of Directors. The services provided are governed by Provincial legislation including but not limited to the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusions of persons with a Developmental Disability Act.
Community Living Fort Frances and District is focused on our mission” To ensure that all people live in a state of dignity, sharing and participating in all elements of living in the community”.

However sometimes we need to turn to the generosity and support of our community in order to make a difference to assist people in meeting their dreams and goals.

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