October 2021 Highlights

Electric locomotives

Submitted by Chris Del Rosario-Coish

We don’t see any electric locomotives in Canada except Toronto only has a third rail for subways and overhead wires for the streetcars. There isn’t a whole lot of electric locomotives in the USA except for the Siemens ACS-64. Germany and many other places use more electric locomotives than in North America as we see lots of diesel. These electric locomotives or powered by a catenary system as the locomotives raise or lower the pantographs. These electric locomotives are the fastest on rails than the diesel locomotives. The pantographs connect to the overhead catenary system if the locomotive is going forward. if the locomotives goes into reverse, the front pantograph are lowered and the rear is being raised up. The only electric trains that don’t have pantographs are the subways as they run on the metal conductor between the regular rails and the 3rd rail as they are underground. You can only see the electric locomotives in museums on displays, model trains, and on videos. 

Devon Stearns – Frog Island Photography
“Fox at landing.”

A Note from Brady Psychotherapist:

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Thank you to all staff who made it possible for us to participate in Trunk or Treat! 
Photo credit to Studio Gibbous

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