Success Story: Devon Stearns

Devon Stearns

Devon Stearns is a 34-year-old woman who has been born and raised in Fort Frances Ontario. Devon has been lucky to be surrounded by supportive family and friends encouraging her to pursue her love of photography. Throughout her teenage years Devon enjoyed taking photos of family, friends, and household pets. Devon was lucky to grow up on her parent’s property on the lake which grew her love of nature and photography. Spending time in nature, being near water helps to keep Devon calm and grounded.

Devon first began to showcase her work on Instagram, Facebook, and later went on to start a blog called The blog enabled Devon to explore both her love of writing and photography. One of the very first events that Devon was able to photograph was the Canadian Bass Tournament in Kenora Ontario. A family friend noticed her talent and was able to help Devon make this connection. Devon has also photographed a vacation in Scotland, the UK, as well as various locations in Canada. She hopes to someday travel to Israel to capture the land scape and the culture there.

Devon has been fortunate to have her work featured on display at the local Fort Frances Canada Customs Offices. Sher work is also featured on greeting cards at her aunt’s store in Manitoba. These greeting cards lead Devon’s work to be noticed and entered into a contest through People Minded Business. This contest is featuring Devon’s art work on “learning cards” which will be used to help people with disabilities learn about various topics. Devon’s photo of her sister skating on the clear lake ice is the photo that will be featured on the cards. The card will include information about the sport of hockey. Devon will be visiting Belville Ontario in June 2022 for the unveiling of the learning cards which can be purchased online at

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Devon hopes to become an expert photographer. She plans to further pursue her love of photographing nature as well as to explore photographing people. She has taken multiple courses online and continues to pursue further training and education. When asked what her one piece of advice would be she said “If your mind is set on something just go and do it! When you put your mind to it you can achieve anything!”. Please visit to see more of Devon’s work, you can also follow her along on Instagram.

Published by Chris DuCharme

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