December 2021 Highlights

Generation of Vehicles

Submitted by Chris Del Rosario Coish

Most cars change throughout the years as the manufacturers build newer cars. There are a few car generations that we see all the time roaming around town or city. Most vehicles change names such as Chevy G20 and Chevy Express/GMC Vandura and GMC Savana. For example, Chevy Cavalier, Chevrolet Cobalt, and Chevrolet Cruze. The grilles changes throughout the years as they were being introduced. There are a few people driving older vehicles around town as we see them during the summer. Nova has 4 generations of buses. Not all vehicles have some changes. The Ford E-series has lots of uplifts. The E-series vans started in 1960-2008. In 2009, they introduced a new van called the Transits. Ford offered cutaway vans for many types of bodies such as school buses, ambulances, campers, motorhomes/RV’s, shuttle buses, and so much more. 

Christmas dinner 2021 

We delivered 95 Turkey dinners in Fort Frances and Rainy River. Along with the meal was a gift card and a Christmas craft. 
We raised money throughout the year – 50/50 draws, A chase the ace draw  and a beautiful Christmas quilt donated by Tammie Basaraba was raffled off.  A huge Thank you to everyone at CLFFD for their continued  support for this wonderful ( and necessary) event. We were able to use St. Mary’s church kitchen again to prepare the meals.

Special thanks to:  
Chef Kristan DelZotto for helping organize the meal and prepare the Turkeys ,
Sean Turgeon and his staff for selling the 50/50 tickets,
Tara Morrison and Cheryl Maki for all their coordination of this event.

Like last year we are hopeful for having an in-person meal/party for  Christmas 2022 so keep washing your hands and wear your mask!

What does accreditation mean?
Submitted by Jeanne Jewell Quality Assurance & Planning Manager

Accreditation is formal, third-party recognition that an organization is competent to perform specific tasks – the work for which they are accredited.

Accreditation is voluntary and it is a continuous quality improvement process to demonstrate that nationally prescribed standards have been met.

In the Developmental Services sector, the FOCUS Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program prioritizes internal organizational alignment and transparency as a way to create a culture of continuous learning and improvement that will translate into more than just a “check” on an annual ministry compliance inspection – it will help us become a robust organization on many levels.

Endorsed by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services as a best practice, accreditation can help us improve our quality of services and assist with meeting ministry standards. FOCUS takes a human-centric approach that evaluates the qualitative and quantitative aspects of our services, and most importantly, spends time with people supported.

For organizations working in the Developmental Services sector, the FOCUS Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program help to identify where we can qualitatively improve our services, and provide validation of our existing practices through interviews with the people who use your services as well as internal and external stakeholders.

By participating in the FOCUS Quality Improvement and Accreditation Program, we will create a culture of transparency, openness and continuous improvement that goes beyond compliance – it simply becomes a part of what we do every day. The accreditation process is positive, uplifting and inclusive.

A Note from Brady Psychotherapist:

Awareness and healthy relationships take practice, so be sure to check out the strategies in the attached article to help you improve your relationships with the individuals that you support.
Three relationship dynamics that you may recognize in those you support, include Co/Dependent Relationships, Overly Independent Relationships, and Interdependent Relationships. This knowledge will help you better analyze the helper–client relationship and stop potential mishaps before they even happen. It’s important to understand these three main categories as they apply to ourselves and our relationships.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Christmas Door Decorating Competition! It was simply too hard to pick a winner so everyone got first place! A fun way to get some Christmas Spirit going!

A reminder to everyone of our Employee Referral Program. If you refer someone to work at Community Living and they are hired and work 300 hours, you will receive a $150 employee referral payment. Email Dana the name of a friend that you think would be a great fit at CLFFD!

Employee referrals are our highest recruitment source for candidates.

Thanks everyone for your assistance with our recruitment efforts.

CLFFD is Hiring!! Please click the button below for details on the various employment opportunities currently available.

Published by Chris DuCharme

Community Living Fort Frances and District IT Technical Support Person

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