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Don’t miss out on caregiver tax credits  

Families caring for a relative with a disability frequently miss out on tax credits because they don’t know about them, or aren’t aware that there have been changes in eligibility, says Ottawa estate planning and disabilities lawyer Kenneth Pope.

A case in point is the Canada Caregiver Credit, which consolidated three previous tax credits into one in 2017, says Pope, founder and principal of K. C. Pope Law.

Before 2017, parents or siblings of a person over age 18 who had a disability that rendered them dependent or in need of some care could only claim a caregiver credit if the person resided with them, Pope says.

But since 2017 the “reside with” criterion has been removed, Pope tells, so for two years the credit has been available to anyone who provides care to a disabled relative, even one who lives relatively independently.

“There are 46,000 people on the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) who live with family, and until 2016 only those families could use the caregiver tax credit, which reduces taxes by $1,000 a year,” he says.

Now, it’s applicable to virtually all of the 365,000 families who take care of a disabled relative in the province, Pope says.

He advises all such families to check their last few years of tax returns to see if they’ve been paid the credit.

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The CLFFD plot in the Community Garden has produced a wonderful harvest! Great work everyone, these vegetables will be enjoyed!
CLFFD would like to thank our 2019 Summer Students for a great summer! We wish them well this fall and throughout the year.


Anyone wishing to participate Joanne Sekulich has the registration forms in Central Admin, it is a $10.00 fee to pre-register and $15.00 to register the day of the event. 
Come on out and support this great event.  And for those of you in the Wellness Challenge get your points!

Partners For Planning – Action Guide

To ensure your son or daughter with a disability has the support they need as well as long term financial security, most families will develop a support plan from a variety of sources. Stretching any and all available funding is important, and many families do so creatively with good results.

The second Action Guide in our new series provides information, stories and practical steps on Figuring out Funding and Support. Topics include:

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