Employee Safety Workshop June 22, 2011

There is nothing more important to employees than their safety in a workplace setting, no matter what the job is.

Hailing from all over the district and coming from a myriad of jobs, some of Community Living Fort Frances and District’s youth came out for workplace safety training on June 21, 2011.

The workshop consisted of speakers from NCDS, Service Canada Kenora, and CLFFD’s Supportive Employment and Transitional Services. The speakers engaged the audience through interactive games and poster drawing, and explained the many different facets of workplace safety.

One of the games consisted of the audience receiving different pictures of workplaces and having to find all of the hazards themselves. They then went over the pictures as a group to make sure everyone could see them and understand how to recognize them.

Listeners also learned about the many different categories of hazards they can encounter in different workplace settings. They talked about what to look for to keep themselves safe, basic WHMIS symbols, what to expect in terms of safety from an employer, and what to do in an unsafe situation.

One of the biggest points stressed during the talks was the right to refuse unsafe work. All the speakers explained that this did not mean shirking their job but assessing a situation and deciding whether it is safe for the individual or not.

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