Outcomes Support Facilitator (Developmental Services Professional)

GROUP:                     All Departments

REPORTS TO:           Assigned Supervisor



Provides supervision and support as needed to people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of daily living including personal care, domestic skills, home maintenance, money management, use of community businesses and resources, recreation, medical, medications and safety. Participates in the planning process for service users and assists in development of strategies to achieve the plan. Assists with the maintenance of the work site while keeping up to date on agency information, policies and guidelines. Practices fiscal responsibility to service users and agency. Maintains accurate service user and agency records, follows reporting procedures, and assumes other administrative duties. Promotes safety and wellbeing of self and others and acts as a liaison between internal and external contacts. Maintains professionalism in all aspects of duties and maintains current standing in required courses.



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Maintains person centered planning process:

2. Support service users to participate in affairs and activities of community life as much as they desire:

3. Facilitate support networks.

4. Provides support to service users in all aspects of daily living:

5. Follows policies and procedures regarding medications:

6. Maintains work site, supplies and equipment:

7. Maintains fiscal responsibility to agency:

8. Promotes safety and wellbeing of self and others:

9. Maintains service user records:

10. Maintains agency records:

11. Provide service users and team with objective information for making informed decisions:

12. Develops and uses interventions:

13. Assumes additional responsibilities:

14. Completes required courses, training, and refreshers:

15. Follows agency policies and procedures

16. Professionalism/Values/Ethics

Working Conditions

Work requires shift work which includes nights, weekends, and statutory holidays.



Job entails supervision or completion of household chores such as shopping, cleaning, cooking and light yard work. There is a requirement for frequent turning, transferring of service users, pushing wheelchairs. There may be occasional exposure to service user physical abuse. There may be exposure to infections, diseases, blood and body fluids and human waste.



A high degree of mental alertness is required for dealing with service user behaviours and in carrying out behaviour management programs. They must have alertness to service user needs and ensuring care, welfare, safety, and security of all.


Impact of Errors

Unsafe or unsanitary work practices could lead to injury of employee or service user. Improper dispensing of medications could lead to serious illness or even death of the service user. Failure to follow recommendations such as food preparation or medical alerts could lead to serious service user medical hazards. Poor interpersonal relations skills could lead to poor staff morale and have a negative effect on public relations of the agency.



They will have daily interaction with residential staff and service users along with regular contact with employees from other sites for resourcing and updating of information.



There is frequent interaction with other staff, parents, other family members, neighbours, community resources, businesses and agencies.



Advocating for Others (Level 3) – Uses chains of indirect influence while taking two or more steps to influence with each step adapted to the specific audience. Anticipates areas where support or influence will be required and takes steps to add these key individuals to own network. They judge when to seek support or involvement of credible resources while engaging the support of like-minded individuals. They use expert or other third parties to influence while using a combination of logical argument, personal conviction and passion to create a winning case.


Collaboration (Level 3) – Encourages and empowers others through crediting others who have performed well to make them feel strong and important. Demonstrates own commitment to important initiatives by actively contributing to the efforts of a team and by recognizing the contributions of other team members. Can be quick to provide guidance and support to new team members to help them learn and assists in encouraging their efforts when they become discouraged.


Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making (Level 3) – They breaks down problems into smaller components while identifying discrepancies, trends and interrelationships in data. Recognizes and acts on cause and effect relationships while dividing the issues into categories. Looks behind the face value of a set of facts; understands some of the less obvious implications while using their knowledge and/or experience to understand evaluate and solve issues.


Fostering Independence in Others (Level 3) – Delegates routine tasks to individuals or employees while demonstrating trust by recognizing and acknowledging that others have the skills and abilities necessary to achieve goals. Supports others during transition of responsibility while monitoring to ensure tasks are completed successfully and provides feedback as appropriate.


Initiative (Level 3) - Thinks ahead and plans for contingencies and effectively prepares and organizes resources and activities while making sure things are not left to chance by ensuring contingency plans are arranged to deal with last minute changes. Anticipates and prepares for problems that may interfere with work or attainment of results.


Interpersonal Relations & Respect (Level 3) – Effectively uses empathy by genuinely seeing things from another person’s perspective. Takes a careful read of the atmosphere to accurately anticipate how individuals and groups will react, and tailors their approach accordingly. Determines and uses the best response to calm an irate, upset or agitated individual who may find themselves in a stressful situation and sincerely cares for what people are experiencing. Consistently adjusts their behaviour to enhance relationships and produces good results when working with others by displaying tact, cooperation, sensitivity and respect for the opinions and situations of others and their culture.


Resilience (Level 4) – They demonstrate ongoing commitment to complete routine tasks over the long term while managing their own stress accordingly. They stick with all tasks despite meeting frequent and/or repeated rejection/frustration throughout the process. They maintain positive demeanor and high levels of self-motivation whatever the circumstance while ensuring service providers, agencies and community partners continue to deliver the level of service agreed upon.

Dec. 3 2014 

If you feel you have the necessary qualifications and additional requirements, please forward your resume using one of the following methods:

Mail:            Hiring Committee
                    340 Scott Street,
                    Fort Frances, ON P9A 3M5
Fax:            274-5009
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